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About Me
This company was actually created by mistake.  I have suffered with VERY sensitive skin since the birth of my two girls.  I tried all kinds of products and was limited to one kind of commercial soap.  After a few years, this soap started drying my skin out and I started itching and using lotion by the gallon just to feel normal.  On a little mini vacation, I walked into an antique store that had some shelves on the wall with these great smelling soaps.  Next to the soaps was a sign talking about the advantages of Shea Butter in soap and how skin loving it was. I went home after that trip and started doing some research.  I learned that it wasn't just Shea that was beneficial, there are alot of oils and butters that are GREAT for your skin.  I also learned that most soap made commercially has the glycerin removed from the soap and used for other products.  Glycerin draws moisture from the air into your skin to keep it soft and hydrated...it's kind of an important soap ingredient!  The next step was finding a basic recipe and some ingredients and see if I could make some soap for myself.  I made my first batch of soap in July of 2010.  It worked, it lathered, it moisturized my skin and it smelled fabulous!  I gave a couple of bars to friends and family and they loved it and wanted more.  I did some more research, created my own recipes and never looked back.  Now I pride myself on providing quality products at a reasonable price and I truly love what I do!
Salem, Oregon
*Made in small 11 bar batches to ensure the quality of each batch* Seasonal Scents*
*Hand cut, wrapped & labeled* Between 4-5ozs each bar*
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